Do you:


o   Want to get rid of ACT legislation for homosexual unions and stop being labelled

"homophobic" because you love the truth.


o   Want a politician who will seek to protect your children and your grandchildren, with a

framework that will enable them to make better decisions about relationships. This

will reduce the level of emotional pain, self harm, mental illness and substance abuse

so prevalent in society today.


o   Want to create a society based on real economic, bio/psycho/social/spiritual freedom.




Vote 1 - Philip Pocock for Molonglo.



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My name is  Philip Pocock and after finding the conservative social concerns I, and many I know also believe in, are being sidelined, I have decided to stand as a candidate in the 2012 election. If  you would like someone to speak out on these issues as well as providing a local government administrative approach, consistent with social conservative principles, I would like to invite you to support me as a conservative Independent Candidate for the seat of Molonglo.

I have lived in Canberra since 1969 after relocating here from Bendigo, Victoria (Public Service) with my parents  and 9 of my 11 siblings.   I attended Canberra High School, the ANU and the University of Canberra at various stages. I was actively engaged in playing Australian Rules, am a practicing Catholic and, after many years in various Federal Public Service Departments - interspersed with jobs ranging through landscaping, taxi driving, researching and publishing a small book for example -  have been working in my own practice as a consultant psychologist since 2000.

I have had an active practical interest in politics, from the local to the international arena, since the mid 1980's, proceeding from a determined  interest to discover what societies and the common good really all about in, beginning in 1980, following a revision of my own misspent youth shall we say. This was briefly summarized in a letter to Ian Warden from the Canberra Times in 1991. I then became a member of the Liberal Party from 1987 to 2001 believing in the importance of individual freedom to pursue the 'good', in terms of serving the greater good, and acknowledging the need to be, not just be critical,  but willing to put my hand to the plough as it were.

This interest included an unsuccessful? stint at a Federal pre-selection contest, for the seat of Kooyong,  in the mid-nineties, with a focus on the family and the irrelevance of homosexual claims in this area. This was won by Petro Georgiou (I suffered a degree of smearing, which is not unusual), but I have proved remarkably accurate with the insights and predictions I have made in the political arena.  Then Petro put forward a "package" of policies as a strategic plan for the 1996 Federal election, a plan containing every policy position I had put forward at the pre-selection. David Marr, the journalist, recognised this winning flavour (not my role in it of course) when

he described this package as the 'Catholic' position, a position that was then abandoned for a refloated 'Fightback', 18 months after the election. This was the same Fightback that I had condemned in a professional sense, along with the author John Hewson, as being unworkable for society and the electoral chances of the Liberal Party.  This was a few days after it was released and I am sure then Director, Andrew Robb, could still confirm this occurred.

Not being too fazed by this, and thinking of the greater good, I persevered for a while but resigned when it was evident that Senator Gary Humphries had, and still has, the support of the local party. While he was happy to wave the 'Catholic' flag to garner votes, he stayed away from many of the issues that matter to Catholics, such as abortion and drugs for instance, and he has proved to be a rabid supporter of homosexuality, even crossing the floor in Federal Parliament on this issue. Of course he has justified these regular forays in the media, re: homosexuality, with the usual weasel words but it is the only consistent position he has held, or shown any enthusiasm for, in the last ten years.  Given this ongoing support for him, it is difficult to believe that the majority of the local Liberal Party is capable of, or willing to do more than, justpay lip service to the notion of rebuilding the conservative social pillars of our society.  This rebuilding is of course essential if the true liberal philosophy of freedom of conscience and a market economy is ever to be attained ie a philosophy that is more than just a right to pillage and plunder, in an economic sense, hoping everything else will take care of itself.

While I am also trained in biology and genetics, my views on race and indeed gender equality are best summarized by the words of St Peter, in the Acts of the Apostles, - 'I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Whoever "fears" Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him, no matter what race he belongs to'. Acts 10:34-35. This is reflected in all of my writings over the last 30 years. The modern Labour party, not even pretending to believe in conscience (fear of God), in anything other than an intellectual sense (not fear of God - but may be well intentioned), has effectively neutered the Liberal party in the ACT and marched onwards with it's 'politically correct', intellectually 'sanitized' social policies, abandoning truth as a criterion for validity (drugs, militant feminism, gay marriage etc) while condemning those individuals who strive to  adhere to what they instinctively and intuitively believe ie act in faith or 'fear God'.

I believe strongly in a reduction of chemical and atmospheric pollution and it has been shown quite clearly that the resultant health gains in people that occur when carbon and sulphur pollution are reduced bring far greater economic health savings than the costs of preventing such pollution.  The Greens, however, rather than being a force for the environment have descended into inanity and irrelevance with Mickey Mouse schemes, religious hostility and fantasy notions of equality. The latest agreement between the Greens and Labour, to go even further in passing legislation for Civil Unions ie de facto "Gay Marriage", has prompted me to put myself forward in the hope that at least one more vote against, not just homosexuality, but the Hegelian philosophy - no God, no spirit - that influences much of the decision making approach of politics today - in the broadest sense - can be rolled back along with at least some of the myriad practical ways in which this philosophy has taken personal freedom away from voters.

For more detail regarding my philosophical position on marriage see below:

Sex and Marriage (Short Version)


Sex and Marriage (Long Version)


While naturally having to play a more limited role, as an independent, my political objectives as a candidate for Molonglo are to provide a voice for those voters with similar concerns, as well as the following:



Comparative policy viewpoints for 8 major areas for myself and the major parties are available from the Catholic Social Justice Commission website :



Hoping for your support and do not hesitate to contact me with your concerns. Thank you.






Receipted campaign Donations can be made by going to the following web site: or by post at GPO Box 1086, Canberra, ACT. 02 62477960



Written and Authorised by Philip Pocock 19/09/2012