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Do you:


Do you want to get rid of ACT legislation for homosexual unions and stop being labelled "homophobic" because you love the truth, encapsulated in the natural law which is the province of Church and State, institutions both under God?

Quote from Catholic Catechism Item no 2357.

"Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law."

Do you want a politician who will seek to protect your children and your grandchildren, with a framework that will enable them to make better decisions about relationships. This will reduce the level of emotional pain, self harm, mental illness and substance abuse so prevalent in society today? 

Do 'you' want to create a society based on real economic, bio/psycho/social/spiritual freedom?



Vote 1 - Philip Pocock for Molonglo.



After this election campaign I was brought before a standards panel of the Psychology Board of Australia, following 19 complaints about my theoretical political views on homosexuality expressed during the campaign.  While I have no record of patient complaints or misconduct in 16 years of practice, it was ruled that my political views brought the profession into 'disrepute'. While my professional views on homosexuality are really just a logical extension of my views on the nature of sexuality as a whole, they are really based on a model of psychobiology that is somewhat speculative, but consistent with observed behaviour, history and available data to date. My views are being supported more and more by a growing body of evidence from the fields of biology and psychology - deemed not sufficient by the psychology board -  in ways that require the application of reason and intelligence, along with a capacity for high level abstraction and lateral thinking, if the connections are to be realized, as many of the explanatory claims haven't been directly addressed in formal studies, as yet.


The audio transcript of the appeal hearing can be found on the link to the right and the judgment from the Tribunal is available from various places, including the ACT Civil Administrative Tribunal and the ANU law records. What is somewhat perplexing to me is that, while I am making religious references on various websites, videos etc., this is because I am seeking to make it clear that there is no conflict between Catholic sexuality teachings and my understanding of the scientific/biological views of sexuality. I came to the personal scientific model first in terms of concrete thinking. I believe that an Omniscient God knows exactly how human beings are constructed, and instructs us accordingly through revelation, and while He has revealed these realities, in a theological sense, primarily through aspects of the Jewish Law, God still requires us to use our intellects to understand why these laws are so, as Pope Benedict has clearly stated.


Of course, although I now understand to a much greater extent in scientific terms, my original simple psycho-physiological model is still a valid psychobiological model, based on the relationship between the 'mind' and the underlying physical nature of human beings. As a result this is the only model that I seek to bring to patients, if appropriate, although describing it as a model which is still not definitive in terms of scientific proof but as an explanatory or metaphorical model that should be consistent with patients' subjective experience if it is actually true.  I do not try to proselytise in terms of Christianity, Catholicism or so called natural spiritual practices, with patients, although I am seeking to bring patients into the natural truth or faith on these matters ie dissipate denial, as this is the basis of psychological well-being. As the judgment and the transcript show, no-one seems to 'get' this, including my own counsel, but  I can only assume this is my failure to communicate.


The most staggering lack of insight shown, to my mind, is the fact that if any group in society could be realistically expected to provide information on sexuality to families, adolescents and even children, psychologists, who do purport to be experts in relationship counselling, would be that group. I have been trained in sexual counselling and am well aware of the broad range of sexual views and practices in society but often wonder what psychologists who think that sodomy, adultery and masturbation are valid practices actually tell adolescents and couples whom they 'treat' and on what science they base their conclusions, which are contrary to most of history. On the reasoning from this judgment, that there is insufficient 'scientific' proof  for psychologists to make public statements on homosexuality, abortion, adultery and masturbation, areas of concern to almost everybody, who should people seek this advice from.  Is advice in this crucial area to be abandoned to the untrained, the self serving, the charlatans and purveyors of pornography or even those of 'good' will who have no scientific idea at all about human nature? It would seem we are required to sacrifice the innocent for the sake of those 'fragile' yet shrill  homosexuals. Homosexuals who refuse to take advice to remain celibate and have no one but themselves to blame for their fragility and this is compounded by refusing experienced psychologists the right to make judgment calls when science is supposedly insufficiently clear on this issue.


Mental illness- in terms of neurological and rational dysfunction - is not necessarily experienced by homosexuals or murderers for that matter (who are clearly still competent for trials)  but anxiety, depression and plummeting self esteem are to be expected in many of those who engage in the intrinsically sadistic and masochistic behaviours that are homosexual in nature and the abusive nature of homosexual practice will impact on society in a manner similar to violence and murder if not to the same degree!



Should I take my various information websites down or resign as a psychologist?

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